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Polishing Gold for Valentines Day

heart jewelryToday I had the pleasure of polishing a piece of white gold. It behaves so much better than silver and is divine to work with…well sort of. It is also nasty work that turns ones fingers black and crusty, causes a pain in the neck from bending over holding a tiny piece of metal up to an endless array of polishers and grinders and is hard on the lungs breathing the polishing compound. But, it takes a lot less time than silver, as it responds so wonderfully to the tools.


By the time the mirror finish that reveals the deep beauty of gold rolls around I am lost amongst the dirt and grime and joy has filled me as I anticipate giving this ‘Infinite Love’ pendant to the fellow who will then give it to his valentine.

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  1. zetal says:

    Hi!I am Lost girl Laurens big fan I am in china can you I want to call my friend will buy Lost Girl as Lauren’s pendant- a Light Fae friend is living in USA.When her come back.She will take that for me.I know today is so late!please!Can you doing again?

  2. says:

    Wow, this is fantastic

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