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Changes in the BIZ

festival630x250Big changes this year at KRD!


First you should know we have been planning this winding down for some time with the intention of keeping most of the designs still available for you, as Jonathan our caster, continues to do an awesome job. Deanne will be in the office, Mondays and Thursdays, being her friendly self with focus on customer service. Our original extensive website has been replaced by this small landing page website, which directs buyers to our ETSY STORE and encourages you to write on the BLOG or call us directly. Sidney and Kathryn are also taking a break from the BIZ to travel, learn, write and serve their communities.


It has been an awesome journey likened to riding a magical wave that has lifted and carried me rhythmically onward for 25 years. So many dear women have ridden this wave with me, sometimes furiously paddling, sometimes surfing with glee, sometimes jumping off to catch their own waves. So for all of you who have worked with me a short time, those I have met at shows or contacted me by mail, and mostly my dear sister Sidney who has been dedicated since the first website, I am grateful to all of you!


Something is calling me to expand mind, nourish body and lighten spirit. It is time to take a sabbatical from being tethered to owning and operating a business, even one as rewarding as this one. The value, meaning and usage of symbols as tools for transformation intrigues me. Creating, discovering and using them will continue to be my life’s work.  Of course I will miss seeing everyone at the festivals, at least from the viewpoint of inside my booth. Maybe I will see you from the perspective of festie-goer…at least for this year.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Well, K, I guess it had to come and I am pleased that you have the courage to walk off into the sunset and do what your heart dictates.
    Your work has been an inspiration to so many here in London. To me personally, you embody something of an ideal; profundity in simplicity. With a line you create something meaningful. Yours is a gift that strikes to the heart.

    I don’t say this to most of my suppliers, but I have always felt a connection to you. You have always seemed like a woman with values that I can resonate with and for that I am grateful to have had these years as your customer.


    • K Robins says:

      Hi Sue,
      Thanks so much for your comments!
      In all these 27 years of designing pendants I have seen so many bookstores sadly close their doors. A short while back I took two apple crates of closed accounts to the recycle bin. It was painful, I took a photo of the boxes. You must be doing something very right at Mandala Bookstore to have stayed in business so long. It can be hard to stay true and not compromise while running a small biz. It seems you have provided a wonderful sanctuary in your part of the world.
      I too am grateful that we found each other and have had this lovely partnership for so long. The artist in me wants to get back to creating as the business part of me has been getting in the way. Looking forward to expanding my vision a bit. Many blessings to you!

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