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Missing Mary



Recently I have been reading Missing Mary by Charlene Spretnak.  Passionate about Marian spirituality, Charlene offers profound theological reflections on ancient Mother-lines and the mysterious role of The Virgin Mary. She challenges us to look ahead as Queen Mary ascends to the throne once again.  

In all my years of designing archetypal images my greatest challenge has been Mary. I have attempted her many times but so far I have not been able to portray her in a way that brings me to my knees.  Virgin, Sophia and Rebirth (shown above) are reminiscent of her. But, I long to create a silver pendant that distinctly gestures Mary’s divinity, grace, and compassion. Generally, I call this new piece Grace.


When my mother passed away I began work on Lily or Peace Lily (green wax carving shown above in progress) which has a similar feel to Grace. And, lately as my daughters have become mothers, I find myself visiting her again. The theme runs deep.


This past weekend, just before a thick blanket of snow covered us in Virginia, a young friend and inspiring fellow artist with child, lost her mother, also a friend, to cancer. I am consumed with contemplation of the qualities of sorrow, grace and unconditional love that mothers and daughters routinely embrace. So today, still under that blanket of snow, I pulled out the old sketches of Grace continuing with the goal of adding Mary to the Goddess, Mothers and Daughters Collection.



6 Responses so far.

  1. Lucille F. says:


    I love your work and own many of your pieces. I will anxiously await the addition of Mary to your Goddesses, Mothers, and Daughters collection. She is a beautiful symbol of light and love. Best, Lucille

    P.S. I do like the green wax image.

    • K Robins says:

      Hi Lucille,
      Thanks for your comments! I generally don’t show stuff I am in the middle of working on but I had these old photos of ‘Lily’ going through some of her changes….I have been working on her for many, many hours and she keeps changing. She has been sitting untouched now for a couple of years. I have more wax photos of ‘Grace’ that are not ready to be viewed … and ‘Grace’ looks a bit like ‘Lily’. Lillian ( my dad called her Lily) was my mother’s name and Lucille was one of her sisters.

  2. Miriam J Brancato says:

    For festivals you might check into Floyd Fest (in July) and Floyd YogaJam ( Labor Day weekend). Yoga Jam real nice and much smaller….

    • K Robins says:

      Thanks Miriam,
      I was at the very first Floyd Fest. It was a lot of fun. I especially liked the way I could park my van right behind my booth and live in it.

  3. Genny says:

    Hi K, I love your sacred process. I interviewed Charlene Spretnak for our Lean Into Green Podcast Series. I have followed her spiritual/political work for many years. Here is her interview for audio inspiration: Enjoy! Genny

    • K Robins says:

      Thanks Genny! I love Charlene Spretnak’s work in the world. Apparently I am on a Christian theme these days as now I am reading a book about Mary Magdalene. Hope we can talk soon about Michigan…

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