My Story

K Robins

I was born and raised in Virginia and reside there in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The soft green hills and fresh mountain rivers of Nelson County have provided a comforting and nourishing place to raise my three children and build community. Family, deep friendships and an array of teachers have been a steady source of inspiration. Their outpouring of talent, courage, and wisdom has profoundly affected my work.

Some pieces, such as Aphrodite, Shakti and Changer are visionary, that is, I see them in my mind first. They work as affirmations or visualizations, usually qualities I want more of in my life. Others, like Raven, Cerridwen and Vrksasana are attempts to capture an essence that amazes me in people I know and love. The pendant designs come from a tendency towards simplicity and non representational art and noticing the diversity and similarities of spirit amongst humans. Also, the effects of creating, giving and wearing symbolic objects close to the heart, fascinate me.

All cultures surround themselves with symbols, which contain stories, and naturally pass them reverently from generation to generation. Universal symbols lift up and guide us through life’s interwoven cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.

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