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Symbolic Jewelry

Symbolic Jewelry



The collections of symbolic jewelry are found in
K Robins Designs store.

You can also call directly to place an order,
especially if you have a special request.

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About k Robins

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My homegrown business of family and friends currently resides in a thriving community of artists, musicians, farmers, healing practitioners and social activists. While ‘The Biz’ has seen robust days in the last 25 years with many changing faces and voices, my focus into the future will be dedicated to solo reflection and study.

Our mission is to discover and create
archetypal images and symbols
that transcend the personal,
resonate with the universal
and soothe the soul

Artist Statement

Expression through art and craft has been a lifelong companion for me. The images and themes of these designs tell a personal, yet universal story. The work with symbols began about 30 years ago at a time of extreme upheaval. I changed from making art that was functional to art that was very personal and symbolic. The new work, with symbols and figurative images, gave me comfort, strength and insight. As my life continued to challenge me, symbolic art became a path or practice. When I design I am looking for the simplest, most direct lines I can find to express my emotion or concept. A symbol contains a story in one image. It is a bit of a process to boil it down (not this, not this) but in the end it is always so simple and there is the ‘aha’ moment when it sings.


The Art Form

While working with flute maker, Patrick Olwell, I discovered the process of lost wax casting. Just as Patrick made silver keys for his Renaissance flutes first out of wax, I learned to carve wax into the designs I had previously been carving in wood. There are probably around 50 hand carved pieces of wood with inlays (rosewood, boxwood, cherry) bopping around the world that are the beginnings of this jewelry collection of near 100 designs.lost wax carving After wax carving, crafting the metal becomes the art form, filing, grinding and polishing the details. Once the master is perfected, a mold is created and the piece is put into production. Then I sit down to write a card for the piece, naming it and telling it’s story in a poem or as few words as possible.


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See my work at the Rockfish Valley Community Center in Afton VA.

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